About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my journey from clumsy lost medical student that can’t find the bandages to competent doctor. Hopefully.

The purpose of this blog is partly to record my experiences as I enter the wards and start my journey in clinical medicine, so that I can one day read back on this and laugh at what a hopeless youngster I was, and partly as a way to try and make my learning and revision a bit more interesting. So, I will be writing medical information based on the conditions of the patients I will have the opportunity to meet, for my own benefit and yours (but mainly mine), as well as just my general experience. Feel free to skim over information about conditions, unless you’re interested, and just read the cringes of life as a medical student.

Please remember that I am just learning. I’m new at this. I have lots of random bits of physiology, anatomy and pharmacology in my head and still don’t know how to use it to make patients better. So, there is a 100% likelihood that some of the things I write will be incorrect. So, please don’t try to treat anyone or diagnose yourself following my ramblings. And if you’re an F1 (newborn doctor) reading this for laughs…. I won’t begrudge you your laughs- life as a real doctor must be very serious- just let me know that “No! You should NEVER put that in there.”

Confidentiality is a really important part of being a future doctor and for that reason I will try my upmost to make sure I don’t make any patients identifiable. So all names are fictional, particularly if they are ridiculous, and my exact location will be a mysterious secret (London, somewhere). My name is a secret too (unless my mother finds my blog and decides to post it on Facebook, as she most likely will). Let’s just say I am 22, very short, and though I will not be posting any pictures of myself, feel free to imagine me gorgeous.

And with that…