4 Months of Summer

And I mean summer by calendar definition, since we’ve probably had about a week in total of good weather.

So, four months of summer- my last long summer ever until I grow old and retire or decide to take time out of my medical career. I would say they’ve flown by in a haze of duvets, procrastination and a sprinkle of work. Most of the things I said I wanted to do, have remained undone but others I have accomplished.

  • Blogging- This clearly did not happen, even though it was a recurring theme in every single one of my to-do-lists.
  • Football practice- I had one short session with my little sister but she was uncooperative, was more interested in the playground and as we were leaving I kicked the ball in her face. Ooops…clearly I need more practice.
  • Creative writing- I wrote about half a page of an apocalyptic zombie story based on the students in my last attachment. I didn’t get anywhere near the zombie slaying part.
  • Working- Much to my dismay, this was something I actually accomplished this summer. I had my first real job working in a school uniform shop. Before that, the only thing I had ever got paid for was ringing a bell every 20 minutes to let students know to go to the next station during clinical medical exams (OSCEs and PACEs).

I kind of hated working. I don’t know if it was the job itself or the working. I hated waking up in the morning to go, and the first thought in my head everytime I woke up was do I have to? The whole time I was there I was looking at the clock for home time. The worst part of the day was when there were no customers and nothing to do and you had to find something to do or pretend you were doing something.

I also had actual uniform nightmares, with my dreams visited by blazers and kilts in specific sizes. And some of the uniforms I was selling were ridiculous. Why would a school decide that nursery children have to wear a blazer, tie (and not the elastic or clip on type) and lace-up schoes!? I could never do a tie and I still suck at tying my laces and I’m in my 20s…

Not to be completely negative, it was okay when it was busy. I enjoyed the actual interaction with customers. I live in a very multicultural borough in London and so we had such a variety of customers and it was a challenge sometimes to communicate with parents that did not know much English, that would end up putting me on the phone with their child to tell me what colour P.E polo they needed or would need me to speak to them in my very limited Arabic.

I have also gotten better at talking on the phone, which will be useful when working in a hospital. I used to have a slight phone phobia and would be really awkward when answering the phone and the one and only real phone call (there was the mock evening on-call scenarios) I had to make in hospital was a disaster. I was coerced into it by another student on my firm, I fumbled through stating my purpose, and then at the end of the call, the nurse asked me who I was, because I forgot to introduce myself. Disaster.

  • Catching up on sleep- Now this, I was a pro at. Not only did I catch up on sleep, but I also managed an advanced payment plan. On days I was not working of course.
  • Reading- I’ve read up to the fifth book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series (GOT). The first book took me over a month and then books 3 and 4 took a week.
  • Netflix- I’ve opened a new bank account so that I can get a second free trial. (Not really, but it was an added bonus at the back of my mind).
  • Galleries- National Gallery and Tate Modern with my sisters. I’m not super into art or anything but we had fun.
  • Cards- Let me know if this is weird for someone of my age, but the younger sisters and I love playing cards. I must have played close to a hundred card games this summer. I had a winning streak at the start which left me smug but then my luck fizzled out.
  • SnapChat!!- I have finally caved to societal pressures and the need for young people to document every part of their day for the scrutiny of their peers. TBH, I’m SMH but IRL I love it.

Another post coming soon on how my life is going academincally.


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