Revision, Exams and Holiday!

Guess who’s on holiday??

After a couple of months of silence on this blog during my revision hibernation period, I have completed half of my medical school degree and I’m free for the summer!

Revision was torturous. Cramming as much information as possible within a limited time period is not fun at all, and when you add in my troubles with procrastination… Serious procrastination issues. I had to download a programme for my laptop to block time-wasting websites, blocked them on my iPad as well and downloaded an app to block websites on my phone. Even that didn’t work on my phone because I realised you could access websites through Facebook, which I didn’t block because I actually need it for information purposes. And then- my biggest fail at attempting to focus- I would hide my phone so I couldn’t go on it, forget where I hid it, and spend longer looking for it than I would have spent browsing Facebook on my phone.

This year was also the first time I had a clinical exam. These are called OSCEs, which stands for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations. Essentially, you have a rotation of stations, each lasting 10 minutes and you have to perform examinations and take histories from patients or actors, and perform clinical tasks such as taking blood. It is pretty time-pressured and you have to pretend to really care about their shortness of breath and be really empathetic, even though you know that they are lying about not being able to walk to the bus stop.

I revised for OSCEs with my mum and my sisters- we practised histories and examinations. My mum is more glad that my exams are over than I am because it means she doesn’t have to do any more of those silly histories. I mean, I do have a certain structure that I stick to, and there are things that I absolutely must ask in every history, but does she have to roll her eyes whenever I get to the night sweats? My six year old sister, on the other hand, was very enthusiastic in her role. We practised examinations together so often that she likes to randomly reel off my introductory spiel: hello my name is —, and I’m a third year medical student, I’ve been asked by the doctors to …  She enjoyed making up a new name for every exam, and yesterday she was Sleeping Beauty, whilst I examined her lower limbs. Yesterday. As in, after I had already finished my OSCE. She is really enthusiastic.

How did my exams go?


I had a written paper that was all multiple choice and harder than everyone was expecting. For many questions, it was a toss up between two or more options that were all reasonably appropriate answers. The questions I know I got wrong still haunt me. I spent hours bitching about the paper afterwards.

OSCE. Ummm…since this is anonymous and all…I cried. Yep. Enough said.

Though, on further reflection, I think I probably passed. Not as well as I wanted to, but maybe, at least I hope, that I did better than I think.


Plans for the summer:

-first ever real grown up job (never too late)

-catch up on sleep

-blogging (less education focused)

-catch up on sleep

-get back into creative writing

-catch up on sleep

-work out, football practise (I aim to be less rubbish when the new season starts)

-TBC… (I do have a really long summer)


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