Squats in Scrubs 

My morning in anaesthetics went like this:

-I helped to intubate a patient. Pretty cool. Just manoeuvre the tube down past the vocal cords.

-I knocked over a tray with the emergency rescue drugs, breaking a few vials. Ummm… I don’t know how this keeps happening to me. Rest assured, it was totally without consequence, as the patient was waking up.

-I jaw lifted and oxygen masked the patients as they went under and got laughed at by anaesthetists for complaining that my pinkies hurt from jaw lifting. They really did 😥

-And this bizarre but totally story-worthy incident:

A consultant anaesthetist and his medical student review the observations monitor of a patient undergoing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. 

Me: Is her blood pressure not a bit too low for her age?

Anaesthetist: Not at all. BP tends to go down with the anaesthetic because of decreased total peripheral resistance so that value is ok. What’s your BP?

Me: Errr…. dunno.

Anaesthetist: Well, find out.

Me: Errrr…

Anaesthetist: Come on. There’s a BP monitor in the prep room.

Me: Errr…ok. Sure. Yep. Cool.

Anaesthetist: So, let’s put the cuff on and there’s your BP. As you would expect from a healthy, fit person of your age. Now, BP changes according to different stimuli. Surgical stimulation can increase it a bit. Also, exercise.

Me: *Nodding and listening attentively*

Anaesthetist: So, if you were to measure someone’s BP after, say, a sprint, it would increase.

Me: *Nodding and listening attentively*

Anaesthetist: Actually, the best exercise to see an increase in BP is squats.

Me: Interesting…

Anaesthetist: So, if you do some squats. I’ll put my timer-

Me: Errr…

Anaesthetist: -on for 2 minutes.

Me: 2 minutes!

Anaesthetist: Starting, now.

And so the medical student did squats for two full minutes whilst a patient was having their gallbladder removed next door. 


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