A morning in theatre

Today in theatre news:

-The first incision they make on the patient makes me violently wince

-When they cauterize the flesh, it smells of popcorn

-I walked into the trolley of equipment (sterile, I think), almost knocking it over and hurting my knee in the process…oops. From then on the nurses made sure to tell me when there was something behind me.

-I walked from radiology back to theatre carrying a small bucket with breast tissue containing a carcinoma because they needed to check that the tissue did contain the tiny tumour. I was in the lift with a piece of someone’s breast!

-On top of that, I wrote a number called out to me onto the whiteboard and I turned up the volume on the Geiger counter- Gosh, was I useful today!

And this beautiful picture in the anaesthetist’s room:



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