Lesson 1

Today I learnt to perform a cardiovascular and abdominal examination on an actor, whom I felt absolutely sorry for. Just imagine having seven people poke at your tummy one by one.

I feel more confident about the idea of examining patients now and I also learnt my first very important lesson:

Stethoscopes switch on and off

Seems obvious, but I was unaware. There I was, stethoscope pressed against her abdomen, listening for bowel sounds, pretending to hear them, and it turns out the thing was switched off. It twists on and off. Oops. Now I know.

Note to self: always tap the stethoscope before you use it to check that it is working


2 thoughts on “Lesson 1

  1. thebiopoet says:

    Bwahahahaha…this is adorable. Totally had happened with me. I will never forget that moment when my fellow batchmate told me about the on-off thing in a stetho. Like i had to precariously balance between acting that i already knew about it and hiding my amazement at the then new blast of info😂 still makes me mentally giggle a bit everytime I pick a stetho


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