Empathy for Clinical Exams

This post may seem a bit random given that I'm still on my BSc year. I'm currently tutoring a group of students in the year below in OSCE skills and I'm doing a much-requested session on empathy, since all I do is complain that they are as empathetic as tea-cups when we practice taking histories. … Continue reading Empathy for Clinical Exams


Project Life

So, I am back! As a master procrastinator, 'write a blog post', has been on my daily to-do-list for a few months now. So, logically, I now have a more pressing deadline to procrastinate. Hence, this post. Since my last post, I have finished exams. Yay me! They went better than I thought they would, … Continue reading Project Life


Before I started medical school I volunteered at a nursing home full of elderly people with dementia. It was honestly heart-breaking. I would go in and introduce myself to the same people every Saturday. There was this one lady who would always tell me about the buttons on her cardigan and how she didn't like her … Continue reading Dementia